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Knitter's Pride Zing Interchangeable Special Set

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Knitter's Pride uses the term 'Special' to describe their interchangeable tips that are shorter than usual, often called 4" tips by other brands like ChiaoGoo and HiyaHiya.

The tips are shorter so that you can make shorter circulars, like the lengths popular for hats!

This special set of Zing interchangeable circular needle tips comes in 7 sizes, with 2 short cords (~8" long to make ~16" long circulars) and 4 end caps. Clearly seen sizes are laser printed for long wear. The needles are sized by color and packaged in a zippered fabric case for easy storage. 

Sizes included are; 3.50mm/US4, 3.75mm/US5, 4.00mm/US6, 4.50mm/US7, 5.00mm/US8, 5.50mm/US9, 6.00mm/US10

These tips will work with other Knitter's Pride cable types and cable lengths, which are available for purchase separately.