True North Yarn Rewards Program

Join for FREE and receive:

- 10 points for every $1 spent (excluding tax and shipping)

- $25.00 off when you redeem 5000 points

- Early access for special events and promotions (through an active email)


Track points and redeem your rewards online by logging into your account and clicking the "Rewards" button on the lower right side of our website. If you have more than 5000 points, click "Ways to Redeem" in order to claim your $25.00 reward coupon code! You can then apply that code to check-out, or save it for a future purchase. View your points and complete reward history here any time you are logged into your account! 

Not an Account Holder? Become a member simply by creating an account by clicking the "Rewards" button on our website. To earn points, you must be logged into your online account before checkout. All Account Holders are automatically eligible to earn Points & Rewards!


Rewards coupon code can not be used toward shipping costs or the purchase of gift cards. When redeeming online, the subtotal of the purchase must be equal to or more than the reward amount. The Reward Coupon can only be used on regular priced items and can not be combined with any other coupon or promotion.

Points can only be earned online when logged in to an active account. Points can not be rewarded for previous purchases which were placed when not logged in to an active account. Points are earned in-store when an active account is attached to the purchase at checkout. Points are not transferable. 

True North Yarn Co. reserves to right to alter or discontinue the Rewards program and any corresponding promotions at any time without notice.