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Waterfall Crochet Charts for Dishcloths

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Softcover, by Joanne C. Gonzalez

"Welcome to a new “charts” method to the popular Waterfall Crochet technique! Each dishcloth is made referring to charts--no written instructions for those rows. This new Waterfall Crochet Charts technique still uses chain spaces to form a lattice to work over and color changes are still only done at the ends of each row. If you are new to chart reading don’t worry as our How to Use Waterfall Crochet Charts section shows you everything you need to know ---like what color the row is worked in, why the marked stitch is important, and further explains some of the chart symbols and where they will be found on the chart. And if you need further help we’ve included a video with each purchase that shows you step-by -step details on working with charts. Included in the Appendix & Tips are sections where you learn what each part of the stitch name means, how to line up your stitches and how to keep your yarn snug!"