Twill & Print Progress Tab Keeper / Stitch Marker, Sunrise


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From Twill & Print: "We're addicted to functional flair, and our progress tabs are a fast favorite. These handy progress keepers have measurements for 1"/2.5cm on the back so you can track your knitting progress as you go. There is a loop attached the the bottom where you can attach any other locking stitch markers or progress keepers you need to have close at hand.

0.4" x 0.73" Hard Enamel Charm each
High Polished Gold Plating
12 mm gold lobster claw
Custom Back Logo Imprint - including 1"/2.5cm engraved increments
Comes on a pretty branded backing card"

Does not include a locking stitch marker, any pictured are for use reference. The colour options for these markers are hard to describe - they both look almost charcoal, but in certain lights the Purple Smoke is mauve, and the Midnight is blue. The second picture shows the most extreme version of this effect, we would say neither are that colour in person unless you capture them in very specific lighting. If anything, both are closer to the colouring of the first picture, with only the slightest touch of purple or blue undertone. They are golden on the back, not black.