Twill & Print Mini 'Witchy' Progress Keepers Bundle, Set of Two

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From Twill & Print:
"These can be used individually or instead of the row counter pin, up to 99. Count from 1-9 on the right keeper, and up to 99 with the addition of the left keeper.
Our row counter pins have been so popular we decided to make them mini! Row counters are now available as progress keepers, and hook right onto your project. You can use one to count increases, decreases, as a beginning of row marker and so much more.
The row counter is comprised of two parts, the back piece numbered wheel, and the front facing. The numbered wheels are secured in place so they won't spin or lose count. It is truly the most functional progress keeper in your notions pouch! No more fumbling for your row counter, digging around for it at the bottom of your project bag, or worse yet, forgetting it at home!

1" x 0.86" Hard Enamel Charm with lobster clasp (x2)
Polished gold plating
Custom Back Logo Imprint
Comes on a pretty branded backing card"