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Silicone Stitch Holders


Sold by the meter. If you order one, you will receive one piece ~39" / 100cm long. If you order two in the same colour, you will receive one piece ~78" / 200cm long that you are welcome to trim down to smaller sizes/pieces as you like.

The "regular" size cords have a 2mm OD and 1mm ID but stretch onto larger tips - Chloe has successfully used hers with 6.50mm needles - they aren't intended to  fully fit onto the entire tip of  needles, but just far enough onto the taper to get a good hold.

The "bulky" size cords have a 4mm OD and 2mm ID - they are good for extra large needle sizes, such as 6.50mm and larger!

The Aqua Blue is a touch paler/more pastel in person than it appears in photos.

Silicone is very stretchy, so you can 'wiggle' the open ends onto your needle tips to make slipping your stitches onto a holder quick and easy. Once on, it grips your needle well enough that your stitches can slip on/off without the usual fussy picking up off of a thread or awkward metal holder. The silicone is not slippery like metal, so it holds the stitches until you pull intentionally on the stitches to slide them off. 

Sometimes called a knit keeper cord, stitch keeper cord, sweater band.