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Silicone Stitch Holders, Assorted Colours


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Each piece measures approximately 38 - 39" / 96 - 99cm long.

Cords have a 2mm OD and 1mm ID but stretch onto larger tips - Chloe has successfully used hers with 6.50mm needles - they aren't intended to  fully fit onto the entire tip of  needles, but just far enough onto the taper to get a good hold.

Silicone is very stretchy, so you can 'wiggle' the open ends onto your needle tips to make slipping your stitches onto a holder quick and easy. Once on, it grips your needle well enough that your stitches can slip on/off without the usual fussy picking up off of a thread or awkward metal holder. The silicone is not slippery like metal, so it holds the stitches until you pull intentionally on the stitches to slide them off.

If you have preferred colours, include them in the note section at checkout, but keep in mind that not all shades pictured will continue to be available and if we do not have your preferred colour we will send another available colour. If no preference is noted we will pick a random one for you!

Sometimes called a knit keeper cord, stitch keeper cord, sweater band,