PRYM Needle Twister with Magnet, Storage Case

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All hand sewing needles and darning needles can now be securely stored, since this plum needle twister from Prym ensures protected storage and convenient withdrawal of sewing and darning needles. Thanks to the twist mechanism at the base of the needle twister, the needles are twisted out in a fan-like fashion. This lets you recognise all needle types and sizes at a glance, and they can be removed as needed. A magnet on the inside of the needle twister ensures that the needles are in the right position. The practical and beautifully-shaped needle twister was given the Red Dot Design Award in 2011.

You can check out Prym's video demonstrating the needle twister on Youtube.

Needle twister for storing sewing and darning needles
Easy-to-use twist mechanism
For needles up to 64mm in length

Does not come with any darning needles.

In our experience, the lid will not close if there are needles ~2.75” or longer. To be fair, the lid is somewhat redundant as the magnet holds the needles within the tube without the lid, but for your reference, darning needles such as HiyaHiya Darn-Its would be too long for the lid.