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Lykke Interchangeable Swivel Cable, Black

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These Lykke cables have a soft black plastic cord, and the metal joins swivel freely, keeping any build-up of tension from turning your needles in your hands from un-screwing the interchangeable needle tips.

In our experience, all Lykke cables work with all Lykke Interchangeable tips, as well as Knitter's Pride, Lantern Moon, and Knitpicks tips as they are all made in the same factory.

The name of each cord lengh describes how long it will be once the needle tips are attached - for example "40cm/16" with 3.5" Tips" means the total length of the circular needle (two 3.5" tips and the cord) will be 40cm/16", the cable by itself is not 40cm/16". If you have full length/5" tips, you will find the two shortest cables very difficult to work with as the two tips will be longer than the cable - keeping it from bending into a comfortable circle.

Price is for one cable. Each cable comes with a tightening key and two black end-caps. Interchangeable tips are not included, they are available for purchase separately either individually or in sets.