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Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies

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By Rohn Strong.
Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies has a simple concept - crochet a simple half double crochet circle increasing until you reach a given diameter! Then, just keep on crocheting. One of the benefits of constructing top-down beanies is how easy it is to change sizes. Working from the top means you'll be able to control the circumference of the hat early on and adjust if necessary. It also means you can make the hat as short or as long as you want! A diagram is included so you can check the sizing by simply laying your crochet circle on the diagram and matching it up. This will let you know if your crochet piece needs to be a little larger or smaller. You become the designer using this method and are able to customize your beanie to your taste, without worrying that your measurements will be off!