Learn to Crochet (UK Terms)

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By Sue Whiting, Softcover, 80 pages

A Beginner's Guide with Step-by-Step Techniques & 10 Easy Projects

Begins with information about crochet hooks, and instructions for basic stitches with photos, and how to read diagrams. From there it introduces patterns for a throw, then instructions for how to work in the round and make decreases, and patterns for crochet bags, doilies, hats and scarves. Explore further with how to work edgings, a baby set, filet crochet, and more!

Written in UK crochet terminology. The difference between UK and US is only in the stitch names - the UK adds one to every US stitch, so a US single crochet is a UK double, a US double is a UK treble, etc. The stitches themselves are the same, just a difference in naming convention (the UK names the stitches after how many loops are on the hook's shaft, whereas the US names the stitches after how many times you 'pull through' to finish the stitch)