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Knitter's Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Set, Special (Short Tips)

SKU: KPR200608
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Thoughtfully packaged set includes needles in what Knitter's Pride believes to be the 7 most useful sizes, plus cords to make circulars in 40cm length (cords + tips).



7 pairs of laminated birchwood needles, one pair each of sizes 3.50mm/US4, 3.75mm/US5, 4.00mm/US6, 4.50mm/US7, 5.00mm/US8, 5.50mm/US9, 6.00mm/US10

2 Cords (to make 16'')
4 End caps
2 Cord keys

Total length of 16″ is achieved when tips and cord are joined together. This is especially popular for knitting hats.

In our experience Knitter's Pride tips and cords work interchangeably with KnitPicks, Lykke, and Lantern Moon interchangeable systems.