HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Set 4" - Small (2.75mm - 5.00mm)

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HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Needles are made from high quality stainless steel and feature swivel connections with flexible cables and lifeline holes. The joins are almost invisible and the finish is slick without being too slippery.
The 5" Small set includes seven pairs of 4" tips: 2US/2.75mm, 3US/3.25mm, 4US/3.50mm, 5US/3.75mm, 6US/4.00mm, 7US/4.50mm, 8US/5.00mm

Please note 2.5US/3.00mm are not included but are available for purchase separately.

Set also includes; four cables for making finished circular needle sizes of 16", 24", 32", 40", needle grips to help with twisting the tips into the cables, and a practical and portable brocade case.

The colour of case you receive with your set may not be the one pictured - please do not hesitate to call and ask about what specific colours the sets we have in stock are if you have a preference.

4" tip length is measured when attached to the cable.

Small size HiyaHiya tips will only work with Small size HiyaHiya cables - you can purchase additional cables and tips individually.