HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Set 5" - Deluxe Limited Edition (2.75mm - 10.00mm)

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The difference between the 'Deluxe' and not-deluxe Limited Edition sets are the type of case.

The difference between the Limited Edition sets and the not-Limited Edition sets are that the regular sets are just Small (US2/2.75mm - US8/5.00mm) or Large (US9/5.50mm - US15/10.00mm) sizes, while the Limited Edition sets have Small AND Large sizes. HiyaHiya has set that the Limited Edition ones are only available while quantities last - we do not know when they will stop being available.

The Deluxe Limited Edition set includes;

13 sets of needle tips (US2/2.75mm, US3/3.25mm, US4/3.50mm, US5/3.75mm, US6/4.00mm, US7/4.50mm. US8/5.00mm, US9/5.50mm, US10/6.00mm, US10.5/6.50mm, US11/8.00mm, US13/9.00mm, US15/10.00mm)

4 cables ( to make 18", 26", 34", 42" circulars) - these are small gauge cables, you attach the included tip adapters to make them fit the large gauge needle tips.

Small Cable Connectors, Tip Adapter, Small and Large Single Point Adapters, Puppy Snips, Darn Its, needle grips, a t-pin style 'key', and safety pin style stitch markers.

The case that comes with the Deluxe Limited Edition set is what HiyaHiya calls a 'circular' case, with 27 interior pockets and one zippered exterior pocket. The cases are assorted colours - the one you receive will not necessarily be the one in the picture, please reach out to us before placing your order if you want to confirm which colours we have available.