HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Set 4" - Limited Edition (2.75mm - 10.00mm)

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Set includes;

  • 14 pairs of 4" Sharp Stainless Steel interchangeable tips
  • A case to hold the tips that has a zippered pocket on the outside to help hold accessories.
  • Four small-gauge cables to make finished needle lengths of 16", 24", 32", and 40"
  • Small cable connectors to join any of the cables together to make them longer
  • Small tip adapters to join the small cables to the tips larger than 5.00mm
  • Two pairs of single point/straight adapters  - one larger, one small - you can connect tips to one end and stoppers to the other to make straight/single pointed needles.
  • Two pairs of stoppers - one large panda style, one small bead style - to join to the circular to keep stitches on hold, or to the ends of the tip adapters to make the finials for 'straight' needles. Please note in official pictures of this set it shows both large and small as panda-style stoppers, in our experience the last few years HiyaHiya has been using the bead-style for the small size and panda for the large size.
  • A mini snip (puppy, kitty, or octopus, in assorted colours)
  • Darn-Its darning needles
  • Knitter's Safety Pins stitch markers

Please note that HiyaHiya's SHARP tips are very sharp! They are fabulously pointy, which makes them feel extra smooth and accurate when knitting, but we do not recommend them for knitters who 'push' on their tips at all when knitting. If a knitter ever gets dents in their fingertips from other needles from knitting, these tips will prove painful.

Cases are assorted colours/designs. If you would like to know which colour/design options we have at the moment, please feel free to reach out by phone at 705-737-4422