HiyaHiya Sharp Stainless Steel 6" DPN Sock Gift Set

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Set includes four sizes of SHARP Stainless Steel 6" DPNs; 2.25mm/US1, 2.50mm/US1.5, 2.75mm/US2, and 3.00mm/US2.5, perfect for the sock knitter looking to start or add onto their DPN collection.

Set comes with HiyaHiya's DPN case - the case features a whopping 32 pockets of varying heights/widths, great for holding your entire DPN collection as well as crochet hooks, cable needles, and stitch holders. The case is not necessarily the colour/design pictured. Generally it is purple, red, teal, or blue, with a rose, peacock, or leaf brocade.

Please note that SHARP needles are sharp - they make for wonderfully accurate and smooth knitting, but are not recommended for knitters who are 'tip pushers'.