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HiyaHiya SHARP Flyers Gift Set, 2.25mm - 3.00mm


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Includes four sets of HiyaHiya SHARP Stainless Steel Flyers; 2.25mm / US1, 2.50mm / US1.5, 2.75mm / US2, 3.00mm / US2.5

HiyaHiya calls this a Sock Gift Set, but we think it would also be a lovely gift for the knitter who likes to do intricate colourwork mittens!

Comes in a HiyaHiya Circular Case, so you have plenty of pockets for storing your needle collection, including wider pockets for circulars, and thinner pockets for the odd DPN or crochet hook, plus an exterior zip pocket for notions. The case is available in assorted colours and patterns - if you would like to know which design we currently have on hand, please feel free to email or call before placing your order!

What are Flyers?

Two of the needles are used to hold the stitches of your project, while the third is used to knit with. Because there are less needle transitions, knitting with the HiyaHiya Flyers will be quick and smooth in comparison to the traditional four or five double-pointed needles. We like to say Flyers are what you get if DPNs compromised with Magic Loop. It's a happy medium for the knitter who isn't satisfied with DPNs, Magic Loop, or the two-circular method.

HiyaHiya's flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality stainless steel sharp tips to offer strength, with a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel. The tapered point of the sharp tip is ideal for intricate stitch patterns.