HiyaHiya Interchangeable Single Point Adapter - 4", Large

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Looking for Single Point Needles? Add even more versatility to your HiyaHiya Interchangeables with this Single Point Adapter!
The perfect addition to their Interchangeable Set, the new HiyaHiya Single Point Adapter makes it easy to start a small project on the go. Used with your HiyaHiya Interchangeable Set and your Panda or Glass Bead Stoppers, the HiyaHiya Single Point Adapter makes an 8" Single Point Needle. A stopper goes on one end of the adapter to act as a finial, and needle tip of your choice goes on the other end. You can not use these adapters to extend circular needles, as the adapter is made to take a 'screw' attachment from either end - such as those from tips and stoppers - not a cable socket.
Fits HiyaHiya Interchangeable Tips sizes 9US/5.5mm through 15US/10mm only.