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DMC Charles Craft Printed Aida Cloth

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This printed pattern Aida Cloth is sure to compliment your cross-stitch design! DMC CHARLES CRAFT Aida Fabric is woven from 100% cotton yarn. This pre-cut, 15inx18in, 14 count Aida fabric is specially designed for cross-stitch and is ideal for beginners.

Sunset is a gently fading pink/blue/lilac

Amethyst is purple with high contrast white streaks - in some pictures the Amethyst looks like there may be metallic elements, but there are not!

Sandstorm is similar to Sunset in that it has very soft colour shifts, for Sandstorm they are yellow/peach/cream

Moonstone is similar to Amethyst in that it has some higher-contrast 'streaks' - overall it is a light grey with teal undertone, streaks of medium teal-grey and hints of mauve in some spots.