ChiaoGoo Twist Shortie Combo Pack - 2.50mm/US1.5 Mini

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The ChiaoGoo Twist Shortie Combo Packs contain two pairs of the same size tip - one pair in 2" length and the other in 3" length - in addition to 2 Mini cables so you can make 9" and 12" circulars.
The combination of different tip lengths means that you can use one 3" tip and one 2" tip at either end of the same cable, to make a 10" circular. Many knitters find this method easier on their hands for sock knitting, as you use the longer tip in your main hand for a better grip.
Combo pack also includes two mini tightening keys, with wee holes in both the tips and the cables for easier tightening.
MINI diameter means that these tips will also work with any ChiaoGoo Mini cables that can be purchased separately, and/or in conjunction with the ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties or Mini sets.