Wave Fibre Mill Roving, 100g Targhee/Dorset Cross

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This roving is a Targhee/Dorset cross from a farm in Shelburne.

It is priced per 100g - if you order multiple, you may receive either one large bag or multiple smaller bags, unless you specify a preference in the order notes. For example, if you order 3, you will receive 300g - either in one large 300g bag, or three 100g bags, or one 200g and one 100g bag. Roving may not be in one continuous piece, there may be smaller pieces to make up the weight.

Wave Fibre Mill is a semi-worsted spinning and weaving mill located just outside of Parry Sound in Seguin, Ontario. The wools they select for their own yarns and rovings are from local Ontario farms that support regenerative agriculture.