Wave Fibre Mill - 3-Ply Dorset/Mohair Aran

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This yarn is a combination of 85% Dorset sheep's wool from McKellar, Ontario, and 15% Mohair from Niagara, Ontario, that together are a natural cream colour. The texture is not 100% smooth - there are some small spots where the yarn gets a touch thicker or thinner, or has small pieces of hay or grass, but that is part of the yarn's charm, having received minimal chemical processing. It is quite soft and still has much of the wool's original lanolin (oil) content that may soften your hands as you knit. Mohair is a more hard-wearing fibre than wool, so adding some mohair into this blend will help your finished items to be more durable.

Brand: Wave Fibre Mill
Blend: 85% Dorset from McKellar, 15% Mohair from Niagara. Due to the size of the label, it simplifies this blend to "85% Dorset/15% Mohair"
Yardage: Approximately 160yds / 145m per 100g
Yarn Weight: 4: Worsted/Aran
Gauge: 17-20st = 4” / 10cm
Needle Size: 4.50mm - 5.00mm / US7-9
Put Up: 100g / 3.5oz skein