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Saltwater Gifts

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Saltwater Gifts is the latest book from the award winning knitting duo of Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott, preceded by Saltwater Classics & Saltwater Mittens.
Knitted gifts are treasured in Newfoundland, whatever the season. Designs unique to this storied island are made to keep loved ones warm all year long—even during early summer when icebergs chill the air.
216 pages. Softcover.
Contains: Merrymeeting Mitts, Turn Back Cap, Salt and Pepper Mittens, Fancy Mittens, Maura Falten Trigger Mitts, Sheila's Brush Cap and Mittens Combo, Chicken Feet Trigger Mitts, Equinox Tams, Trouters Trigger Mitts and Cap Combo, Iceberg Alley Fine Gloves, Icebergs in June Fine Wool Mittens, Soldiers Socks, Newfoundland Work Socks, Dogwalkers Bandana and Gloves Duo, Seafaring Slippers, Guernsey Hot Water Bottle Cover, Diamond Cushion, Two for Tea Cozies, Solstice Mitts, Tibb's Eve Vamps, Triple Roll Cap, QR Code Trigger Mitts