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Sandnesgarn Julehefte 0613, English Language Only

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Soft cover book featuring 8 pages of full-colour photos and 24 black-and-white pattern pages, including notes on needle felting, how to felt, and crochet basics.
Includes 26 patterns.
1: Large Felted Santa in Fritidsgarn
2: Mohair Jacket sizes S - XL in Kitten Mohair (Drops Melody is a good substitute)
3: Dress & Jacket sizes Doll through 8yrs, in Sisu
4: Crochet Cafe Curtains in Mandarin Petit (Nako Solare is a good substitute)
5: Crochet Angels in Mandarin Petit
6: Felted Santa Decorations in Fritidsgarn
7: Felted Red or White Heart in Fritidsgarn
8: Fun Felted Santas (Wine Bag, Clothes Hanger, Cell Phone Cover, Handbag, Table decorations) in Fritidsgarn 9: Scarf and Hat with Santas in Smart (Drops Karisma is perfect substitute)
10: Socks & Slippers Lady or Man size in Tresko
11: Warm & Cosy Blanket (49" x 69") and Pillow Covers, in Alfa
12: Green Shawl, Crochet Shoulder Bag, Crochet Slippers, Crochet Necklace, in Kitten Mohair
13: Shawls in Kitten Mohair
14: Felted Jack Rabbit, Felted Slippers, Felted Potholders, in Fritidsgarn
15: Teddy Bear Winter Suit size 6 through 24 months in Smart
16: Crochet two-colour Shawl in Kitten Mohair
17: Crochet Shawl with Flower in Kitten Mohair
18: Knit Shawl with doubled Yarn in Kitten Mohair
19: Felted Baby Blanket (25.5" x 33.5")
20: Crochet Potholders in Mandarin Petit
21: Felted Doll Outfit
22: Felted Easter Eggs
23: Felted Advent Calender
24: Felted Pot Holders
25: Girls Jacket sizes 4 through 12 years in Sisu
26: Felted Pillow and Slippers size 2 years through Adult Large in Fritidsgarn