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HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Set 5" - Limited Edition (2.75mm - 10.00mm)

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The Limited Edition set includes;

13 sets of needle tips (US2/2.75mm, US3/3.25mm, US4/3.50mm, US5/3.75mm, US6/4.00mm, US7/4.50mm. US8/5.00mm, US9/5.50mm, US10/6.00mm, US10.5/6.50mm, US11/8.00mm, US13/9.00mm, US15/10.00mm)

4 cables ( to make 18", 26", 34", 42" circulars) - these are small gauge cables, you attach the included tip adapters to make them fit the large gauge needle tips.

Small Cable Connectors, Tip Adapter, Small and Large Single Point Adapters, Snips, Darn Its, needle grips, a t-pin style 'key', and safety pin style stitch markers.

Case fabric colours and print will vary and may not be the same as pictured. Please contact us through phone email if you would like to inquire more on fabric colours and print currently in stock.

Snips may be puppy, kitty, or octopus style and come in different colours.

Please note that large and small stoppers included are panda-style for large and bead-style for small, apropos of Hiya's official pic.