SandnesGarn Booklet 2212, Tynn Peer Gynt

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You can browse all the patterns included in this collection on SandnesGarn's website here.

From SandnesGarn: "We know that many have been awaiting these yarn qualities, and they are finally here. Many wished for the Guernsey sweater in thinner yarn. In this collection, you'll find knitting patterns for ladies, children, and men, both with and without a complementary thread. Kelly has become a big favorite, and now you get the opportunity to knit it with and without a strand of ALPAKKA FØLGETRÅD as a complimentary thread. The men's version is without the complimentary thread. You can choose if you want to knit this design neck down or hem up, as we've made instructions for both. Zoe Zipper sweater and neck are designed with complementary thread and are knitted top down. You can decide for yourself whether to use ALPAKKA FØLGETRÅD or TYNN SILK MOHAIR as the complimentary thread, as the expression can vary quite a lot. It's fun with several options!

Happy knitting!"